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Here are some statements from clients about Ellen’s work and dedication.  Please check back periodically for updates.

"Ellen Wise is the only decorative painter I would consider working with. I come up with all kinds of good/bad/mediium/and downright lousy paint ideas to spruce up my home. Ellen is the one who will talk and sketch me through my ideas and inspirations. Her excellent taste and art history background set her apart from other faux painters, especially in the design process. Her drawing and painting skills are excellent! We have collaborated on two houses over a period of about 8 years. Two house projects speak for themselves!"

Marsha Gelman Quisito, Collegeville, PA

"Ellen Wise is an exceptionally talented artist and a delightful person to work with. As an interior designer, I have been fortunate enough to work with Ellen for over ten years and I continue to be amazed by the diversity of her talent. Whether it involves capturing the intricate veining and coldness of marble, adding fantasy to a child's room by painting anything from a castle in the clouds to a coat of arms or circus clowns, to a view of Tuscany from what was once a windowless wall, Ellen is able to bring any surface that her brush touches to life. Ellen is dedicated, enthusiastic, open-minded, and is always receptive to new ideas. Using her innate creativity, remarkable artistic ability, brilliant eye for color, and thoughtful attention to detail, Ellen is able to take a concept, turn it into a vision, and magically transform any surface or space into a unique work of art."

Elizabeth G. Keeley Interior Design Inc. Villanova, Pennsylvania

"Ellen does amazing work!  Her painting techniques are superb.  She listens to your ideas and then adds her knowledge to produce a spectacular piece of work. I trust her opinion and would not consider using anyone else for my special painting needs. Ellen is a pleasure to work with - creative, meticulous, professional, friendly - a true work of art!"

Stacy Talotta, Sewell, NJ

Ellen Wise does such beautiful work that we flew her to Michigan to have her paint our two boys' bedrooms. She had done a mural in our Philadelphia house that I am convinced helped us sell the house. We were so happy with what she had done, that we simply had to entice her to create two new murals in our new home.

Peter A. Ubel M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan